Our Mission & Who We Are

A few months ago Tino Hernandez and Pastor Dave Koppel began to organize Water for Africa – a local organization with international partners in place and on the ground ready with a solution to keep this generation alive until the wells are finished and the filtration plants are up and running.

At first we looked at shipping bottled water in, but the costs were way too high. Our research provided an answer: The solution is to provide as many people as possible as quickly as possible with the LifeStraw – a personal filtration system with no moving parts that filters out 99.999% of all impurities, costs less than $10 each, and will provide a full year’s supply of clean water for an entire year – each unit is rated to filter at least 750 liters of water. This has been tested and proven.

It can be used like a straw to drink through, or water can be poured through it. It is safe and effective, requires no replacement parts and no power source.

Together we can provide 100,000 LifeStraws to the men, women and children in the refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia, but it is going to take all of us working together to save as many lives as we can while there is still time.

We set up Water for Africa through the Greater Round Rock Community Foundation so we wouldn’t need to set up a separate 501c3. They will handle donations, receipts and tax issues.

We are partnering with Lutheran World Relief, because they are in place and ready to go and have the lowest overhead of any international aid agency – so there is more bang for the buck.

Another partner is Catholic Charities, because they also have people in place, and so that we have both Protestant and a Catholic agencies

Both of our partners have people ready to go, a solid reputation, credibility, experience working with government officials, transparent accounting, and are ready to step in and help.

Rather than reinventing the wheel, or creating a redundant organization or another layer of bureaucracy, Water for Africa represents a short term – preferably about 2 years—stopgap measure to keep a generation alive until the longer term permanent water solutions can be reached.

We’ve just begun enlisting aid from some key people in Round Rock: Nyle Maxwell, Dr. Jesus Chavez, and others.

We have ideas of events that we can put together to raise public awareness, generate support, and help the community of Round Rock pull together and make a huge difference.