Imagine that you are a young man who grew up in a foreign country. In the past it had connections to the Soviet Union at one point; at another it had connections to America. Over the past 20 years, your country has had 17 different governments. Things have fallen into chaos. Local gangs are the local law, no matter how cruel or treacherous.

There isn’t much water, there isn’t much food. There aren’t many jobs. Most people barely subsist.

A few years ago you were lucky enough to have met and fallen in love with a young woman. You got married and had a couple of kids. They mean the world to you.

Now the local warlord wants you to fight for him, and says that if you don’t, your wife may be tortured and raped, and if you still refuse he just may kill your wife and children.

You decide that anything must be better than this, so you bundle up your family and head for the border. You make it across, but they can’t handle the influx of refugees, and the four of you are put in a refugee camp. You are living in a makeshift tent. While you are all much safer from being harmed, food is still scarce, and you have to walk miles every day to get water for your family, and it isn’t even clean. Some people around you die of thirst, others die of dysentery from drinking dirty water. Your family is tired and sick and you don’t see much hope for the future.

Unfortunately, this is the reality of life for thousands upon thousands of Somalian refugees in camps in Kenya and Ethiopia.

Every 15 seconds someone in Africa dies for lack of clean water.

In today’s world, there is no excuse for anyone to die for a lack of clean water.

Teams are in place. Wells are being dug. Large scale filtration systems are planned. But between now and the time that all the money is raised, the engineering done, the equipment built, purchased, and installed, people are dying…. At the rate of 4 every minute.

You and I can save lives today.